About Lapslap


Free improvisation and live electronics

Listen before you look: not cheddar but | rhapsody in light yellow | hungry | spoons

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Lapslap emerged from a desire to make well-formed music in realtime using computers and instruments. The group freely combines computer solos with instrumental trios and any combination in between: in one set, instrumentation can range from the purely acoustic piano/sax/horn to the completely electric laptop/laptop/synth. The music draws from traditions ranging from avant-garde classical, free improv/free jazz through to improvised electroacoustic/glitch.

Lapslap are;
Michael Edwards tenor & soprano saxophones, computer, midi wind controller
Martin Parker french horn, flugel horn, recorder, computer
Karin Schistekpiano, synth

The core ensemble is sometimes augmented with special guests; most recently we recorded a session with percussionist Christophe Fellay.