Zuppa Inglese


Zuppa Inglese was released on Leo Records in December 2009.

We augmented our usual lineup of brass, sax, keys and computers with some
tracks featuring long-time lapslap collaborator Mark Summers on viola da gamba,
as well as ocarina and drumsticks.

The blurring between acoustic and electronic sound in these single-take
improvisations happens when small digital samples of acoustic material are used
to emulate and imitate instrumental sound sources. To confuse matters, the live
instruments mimic electronic material so that it becomes unclear who is playing

We’ve developed our computer-based performance systems in the max/msp
programming language. These are controlled by various input devices from
joysticks to midi wind controllers. While Michael’s system is a complete
performance environment allowing spontaneous access to an array of features for
sampling, processing and synthesising sound, Martin’s tools are more like
separate instruments, selected and occasionally modified as the session

Zuppa Inglese, Italian for custard or trifle, was recorded in the Reid Concert
Hall in Edinburgh in September 2008. Recorded by Martin Parker and Michael
Edwards; mixed and mastered by Michael Edwards.

Extract: flatuway teaser

Extract arg teaser

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