American Review of Zuppa Inglese

This review is part of the article “Global Unity: Scotland” by Gordon Marshall published in All About Jazz NY in November 2010.

The quartet Lapslap’s Zuppa Inglese likewise plays with cultural mixing and matching. Of the musicians, Michael Edwards focuses on saxes while Martin Parker plays flugelhorn – but also picks up the ocarina, an egg-shaped wind instrument with a uniquely convoluted international history. Karin Schistek plays piano while Mark Summers performs exclusively on the viola da gamba. The music is rhythmic and animated. Scratches on the strings of the viola educe the quality of the copper coating the gut. Piano is broken down into its component elements of steel, wood and ivory. The ocarina, which started its evolution as a child’s toy, is eerily innocent. This is a balanced and well-rounded endeavor that still veers and sways with risk.

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